Mina dikter,tankar och funderingar...

I want to come home
But I don´t know where it is
Help me please
I want peace

Let me be myself
Don`t jump on my heart
Like it`s your days workout
You can kill me with words
You can kill me with ignorance

I feel that you don`t see the real me
I´m tired of being
what you want me to be
I don`t want to be in your fantasy
I can`t be your hero
I can`t be someone else
Look at me
Look at me properly
Here it`s the real me
Hug me more often
With all of your heart
It`s all I need to survive

And don`t try to bend and change me
If you don`t want to see me cry
Just let me be myself
Do not cut my wings
Let me fly
If you don`t want to see me slowly die

I can change my appearance
I can put on me other clothes
I can move differently
I can try to keep quiet
But do you realize
I can not exchange my soul
That`s all....

Inita bara Inita ....
Inita Liepina, sommaren 2014

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27.12 | 18:52

Hej får ser om det funkar nu

01.12 | 02:52

Taaak Nicklas ! Uppskatar varje kommentar

01.12 | 02:47

Tusen Tack Monique ! Kraaam :)

30.11 | 10:02

Hej Inita! Vad fint du skapar! Kram Monique