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You are on the different road now
Everything shuts down around
The voices outside sound so far away.
But your body and mind says its not for you,
It's not for you anymore
You are like placed outside from this life
Before you agreed to this yourself
Its like you sitting in the silents
And hear voices outside
They sound like an echo from the past
You keep fighting to get back there
Just one more time
Just one more time
But you feel that future no longer belongs to you
You die before you are dead
Like tree leaves in the autumn
Who stubbornly cling to the tree
But they must soon to fall
You are on the Different Road now
Everything shuts down around
But Death is not the end
I love you mom and dad

InkA - Inita.L 00:45
Inita L.

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27.12 | 18:52

Hej får ser om det funkar nu

01.12 | 02:52

Taaak Nicklas ! Uppskatar varje kommentar

01.12 | 02:47

Tusen Tack Monique ! Kraaam :)

30.11 | 10:02

Hej Inita! Vad fint du skapar! Kram Monique